Release Shaarli

See Git - Maintaining a project - Tagging your [](.html)


This guide assumes that you have:

Bump Shaarli's version

$ cd /path/to/shaarli

# create a new branch
$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout upstream/master -b v0.5.0

# bump the version number
$ vim index.php shaarli_version.php

# rebuild the documentation from the wiki
$ make htmldoc

# commit the changes
$ git add index.php shaarli_version.php doc
$ git commit -s -m "Bump version to v0.5.0"

# push the commit on your GitHub fork
$ git push origin v0.5.0

Create and merge a Pull Request

This one is pretty straightforward ;-)

Create and push a signed tag

# update your local copy
$ git checkout master
$ git fetch upstream
$ git pull upstream master

# create a signed tag
$ git tag -s -m "Release v0.5.0" v0.5.0

# push it to "upstream"
$ git push --tags upstream

Verify a signed tag

v0.5.0 is the first GPG-signed tag pushed on the Community Shaarli.

Let's have a look at its signature!

$ cd /path/to/shaarli
$ git fetch upstream

# get the SHA1 reference of the tag
$ git show-ref tags/v0.5.0
f7762cf803f03f5caf4b8078359a63783d0090c1 refs/tags/v0.5.0

# verify the tag signature information
$ git verify-tag f7762cf803f03f5caf4b8078359a63783d0090c1
gpg: Signature made Thu 30 Jul 2015 11:46:34 CEST using RSA key ID 4100DF6F
gpg: Good signature from "VirtualTam <>" [ultimate][](.html)