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RainTPL template

WARNING - This feature is currently being worked on and will be improved in the next releases. Experimental.

Community themes & templates

Example installation: AlbinoMouse template

With the following configuration:

$ cd ~/public_html

# clone repositories
$ git clone shaarli
$ pushd shaarli/tpl
$ git clone
$ popd

# set access rights for Apache
$ chgrp -R http shaarli
$ chmod g+rwx shaarli shaarli/cache shaarli/data shaarli/pagecache shaarli/tmp

Get config written:

Edit Shaarli's configuration|Shaarli configuration:

# the file should be owned by Apache, thus not writeable => sudo
$ sudo sed -i s=tpl=tpl/albinomouse-template=g shaarli/data/config.php